From the Burg to the Barrio: December 4

On Wednesday, December 4, at 6:00 PM, Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund will host a screening of “From the Burg to the Barrio” at the Princeton Garden Theatre. On the basis of historical research and moving interviews with residents of Chambersburg, the iconic Trenton neighborhood, this remarkable film tells a story of transition and continuity.  Long-term Chambersburg residents, mostly Italians, share their memories, fears and hopes as newly arrived immigrants, mainly from Guatemala, describe their experiences of struggle and achievement.  Exquisitely designed and thoughtfully edited, “From the Burg to the Barrio,” is a celebration of the American Dream to which immigrants have contributed for many generations. Here is a trailer to pique your imagination:
As part of a panel discussion following the screening of the film, Professors Susan Ryan and Rachel Adler (College of New Jersey),  the creators of “From the Burg to the Barrio,” will lead a conversation on immigration past, present, and future.  Princeton University students have been busy at work collecting information on subjects related to the documentary. As part of a Community Based Learning Initiative, they are investigating the evolution of Chambersburg and the role of immigration on regional development.  They will report on and distribute summaries of their preliminary findings.
Tickets are available now for $35 to $50 per person.  Proceeds will benefit LALDEF.  LALDEF relies on our support to continue its mission of equity, education and advocacy on behalf of Latinos in Central New Jersey. 

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