Book Review: Jill Leovy’s Ghettoside

According to Jennifer Gonnerman’s review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review (January 21, 2015), Jill Leovy, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times “argues that as a nation we have grown far too accepting of our high rate of homicide . . . in large part because the media has paid too little attention. . . . ”   She goes on to quote Leovy who writes ” ‘Forty years after the civil rights movement, impunity for the murder of black men remained America’s great, though mostly invisible, race problem . . . . The institutions of criminal justice, so remorseless in other ways in an era of get-tough sentencing and ‘preventive’ policing’ — like stop-and-frisk — ‘remained feeble when it came to answering for the lives of black murder victims.’ “

One Comment on “Book Review: Jill Leovy’s Ghettoside

  1. Outstanding points about the continuous injustices surrounding black males, the too temporary public out cry, and the lack of action to address… The question that arises is “who” will retain the flame to assure illumination of the issues?

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