Of Museums and Racial Relics by Charles Blow

In his May 11, 2015 column, Charles Blow quotes first lady Michelle Obama at the opening of the new Whitney Museum in New York about the message the inclusive exhibit sends to young people, who have felt excluded from cultural institutions in the past. “You’re telling them that their story is part of the American story, and they deserve to be seen.”

2 Comments on “Of Museums and Racial Relics by Charles Blow

  1. So glad you posted this, Linda. I always listen intently to Charles Blow’s views on  race issues, finding him always insightful. The last two sentences of this May 11, 2015 piece drive the point home ever so convincingly. 

    • Thanks for that comment, Bob. It reminded me of a tour of the Costa Rican gold museum, where first we saw a painting of a conquistador rescuing a slave woman (“The Rescue of Dulcehe”) and then we passed by a painting that was not the focus of the exhibition, just hanging there. It showed a contemporary dark skinned man and woman at home. Of all the people in our group, it was the African Americans who stopped to take a photo of the second picture.

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