Continuing Conversation: Assumptions

Please join us on Monday, June 1, 7 p.m., in the Story Room (3rd floor) for our monthly Continuing Conversation on Race and White Privilege.

The focus this month will be “Assumptions.”  When we see someone of another race, what are the assumptions, the unconscious biases, that come to mind?  Nicholas Kristof discusses the difficulty in overcoming our hard-wired reactions in his May 7, 2015 New York Times column.  “[The brain] categorizes people by race in the first one-fifth second after seeing a face. Brain scans show that even when people are told to sort people by gender, the brain still groups people by race.”

Please note that June 1 is class day at Princeton University, the day before commencement, and parking may be more difficult to find than usual. The next session of Continuing Conversations is scheduled for October. All are welcome.


One Comment on “Continuing Conversation: Assumptions

  1. Hopefully I can make it, but I am one of those privileged white people with a job. I will be asking how many businesses in Princeton who had your poster in their window, refused to serve privileged white folks this weekend.

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