State of Black America 2016

The National Urban League has released its annual report State of Black America, entitled this year  Locked Out Education, Jobs & Justice.


One Comment on “State of Black America 2016

  1. The State of Black America speaks volumes to how far white American’s go to retain control and power. Civil Rights provided limited access to education, mid-level positions, and housing; however, the opportunities did not guarantee equity, longevity, or wealth building. The emotional cost to being the only black among all white staff, held under different criteria, the polite backroom comments that Affirmative Action was the reason for your selection, and the daily burden of proving oneself over and over that you deserved to be in that position.

    Black people realized the social injustices, limited job opportunities, and how value due to education differs for whites. Even Ruth Simmons the 18th President of Brown University and the first African American appointed president to any Ivy League university shared the heaviness being the only black. Ruth shared her experience while employed at Princeton University and being paid $10,000 less then colleagues with less education and time than she had. Since PU is not a strong advocate of hiring non-whites it is safe to infer that these colleagues where white…

    Denial is a powerful tool, but the truth and traditional of slavery remains in 2016.

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