What Exactly Is White Privilege? Here Are 7 Examples.

In a kind of White Privilege 101, Kevin Matthews gives examples of the advantages white people have that they often don’t recognize.


One Comment on “What Exactly Is White Privilege? Here Are 7 Examples.

  1. Kevin clearly outlined the advantages of white privilege. I differ in perspective about there being “great strides in overcoming racism.” I agree that there have been greater strides made to dismantle the physical evidence of slavery. Racism has and continues to remain and thriving. I say this because how can there be an effort to overcome racism when white people are afraid and too fragile to talk about race? In order to overcome “racism,” white people must admit that racism exists. Black people have known the propaganda of the American Dream, recognizing the social injustices and disenfranchisement that African Americans continue to live with today. Bui8lding awareness or mindfulness is a process that starts with those seven examples Kevin outlined… White people can continue to denial or remove the rose color glasses to see, tell the truth, and stand up to be the difference….

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