An Allegation of Racial Profiling

Jake New reports on a a college freshman’s disheartening experience of racial profiling.

One Comment on “An Allegation of Racial Profiling

  1. Racial profiling is, unfortunately, the way of life people of color must put-up-with in our country. Every once in a while people ask me and many other people of color if they have experienced or been a victim of racial profiling.
    The easy answer is to more or less quote President Obama. He had said that ye, he was followed by the store security many time times. He, while he was very new in his presidency, had to face a situation Harward’s African -American professor had to shamefully face in his own home! I am being very honest and blunt in stating that there are predominantly two kinds of Americans of color. One consists of those who have suffered from humiliating racial profiling at least once in their life and the second group consists of the lucky ones who have either inability to understand it (i.g. new immigrants) or the convenience of forgetting the incidence!

    I am still an optimist (in spite of we have witnessed in the last three years) that our grandchildren would live in a very kinder, gentler nation where we all will be treated
    equally regardless of our gender, race or sexual preferences.

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