Reconstructed History, October 11 – November 25, 2017

The Arts Council of Princeton presents Reconstructed History (Taplin Gallery). Curated by Amy Brummer, Reconstructed History features work by artists Wendel White (Schools for the Colored Series), Annie Hogan (photographs of buildings at the Berkeley Plantation in Virginia fuse the mansions of masters with the houses of slaves), Casey Rube (depicting present-day locations that were once safe houses on the Underground Railroad or places where riots broke out), Leslie Sheryll ( tintypes of women), and Ann Lepore (Modern Catholic Kitchen). These artists transform documentary images by obscuring the primary data through layers of processes, both analog and digital. By doing so, the artists create visual narratives that speak to a broader historical complexity in content and technique.

There will be an Artist Talk with Wendel White, ACP’s Solley Theater, on Thursday, November 9 from 7-9pm

Arts Council of Princeton, Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, 102 Witherspoon Street,

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