Raising Funds to Support Youngsters Attendance at New York Performance


Social justice activist Danielle Carpita sent the following appeal to raise money to send a few softball players from Trenton to see the new production of Toni Smith.  Please support her efforts.

I’m writing to let you know about an exciting grassroots project I’m supporting as part of my racial justice work- The Urban G.R.A.C.E Youth Athletic Club. The Club gives inner-city, black youth and families an opportunity to attend sports-related events throughout the year, that they otherwise might not be able to. During these outings, Urban G.R.A.C.E staff educate youth on black athletes, the history of the black and indigenous communities in sports, and sports as a longstanding means of resiliency and racial justice, all in a way that is engaging them in fun and play. Additionally, Urban G.R.A.C.E organizers get to know these youth and families and help provide mentorship and connections to resources, such as college readiness, educational opportunities, skills building, and credit counseling, in a setting that is relaxed and accessible.
The first two outings to see the Phillies and the 76ers in the Fall were a huge success! Since then, Urban G.R.A.C.E has expanded to form a clubhouse in Trenton that is being used for meetings, mentorship, dinners, and further education, all with the goal of building community and creating black joy. And the project is expanding nationally! In April, Urban G.R.A.C.E took a group of kids and adults to see the Giants play at a Willie Mays Tribute game in San Francisco!
Next month, Urban G.R.A.C.E will take a group of 15 girls from a Trenton softball team to see the one-woman show about Toni Stone in NYC. Toni Stone was the first of three black women to join the Negro League- an inspiration to all athletes, and especially these African American girls. This will me a memorable experience for these girls to attend the play, experience black joy, and learn about a role model that looks like them in their sport and community. Here’s more info on the play: Toni Stone at Roundabout Theatre Company.
Would you be willing to help by sponsoring a girl for $30, two at $60, or a donation of any size to cover transportation costs? Donations can be made to Danielle Carpita, one of the organizers, on Venmo at @Danielle-Carpita, on PayPal at dmcarpita@gmail.com, or via Zelle. A donation of any amount helps! I’d appreciate you forwarding to folks in your network who might be interested. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me with questions.

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