Racial Literacy Jeopardy

How much racial history have you learned?  Test yourself below.

  1. 9066

What is the number of Roosevelt’s executive order removing enemy aliens to internment camps? President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s executive order issued on February 19, 1941 ordered the removal of resident enemy aliens from parts of the West coast to internment camps.  Many lost farms and businesses.  While 9066 also affected Italian and German Americans, the largest numbers of detainees were by far Japanese



  1. 1619

In what year did the first enslaved Africans arrive in the English colonies?

The first Africans brought to the English Colonies of America came ashore in the latter part of August 1619 at Point Comfort, today’s Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia.  http://box5485.temp.domains/~rojecwf4/

The New York Times 1619 Project https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/14/magazine/1619-america-slavery.html

  1. 9.5%

How does the median wealth of African Americans compare to that of white Americans? In 2016, African-Americans had 9.5% of the median wealth of whites. The racial wealth gap is the result of systematic disadvantages that African Americans face on a regular basis.


  1. 25%

What is the poverty rate for Native Americans?

One-in-four Native Americans and Alaska Natives are living in poverty.


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