As plantations talk more honestly about slavery, some visitors are pushing back

Hannah Knowles quotes tour guides and others at sites like Monticello and Montpelier who tell visitors about the lives of the enslaved people on these plantations and who more and more receive negative reviews about telling the full histories.  Read the complete article by clicking here.

2 Comments on “As plantations talk more honestly about slavery, some visitors are pushing back

  1. Our own Capital Health – Hopewell Campus has a small framed text and graphic (I don’t recall, photo of ruins, drawing, or clay bS relief like the large one nearby) of the homestead that once stood on part of the grounds beneath our feet.
    The text acknowledges that there were slaves on the property, but I recall feeling uncomfortable enough about the wording to write or call someone at the hospital.
    Downstairs, in the Lower Level cafeteria. It’s worth a look. I’ll join anyone interested in a letter writing campaign.
    I don’t hope to need to have medical care soon. but if anyone is there could you get a digital photo for me to help me verify the depiction.
    IF I correctly tecall- the enslaved are only mentioned in a list along with inanimate possessions. Only the homestead owners are given the pronouns that we give our fellow humans. Oddly tacit in its failure to see this history in modern sensibilities and values; I’m assuming it was created for the installation in the hospital in its current location . It’s a quite small marker, yes, maybe 16 x 20” . Bur, then, how hard could it be to fix?

    • Thank you, Ruth. Did you actually talk to someone at the hospital? What was their response?

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