“When being right isn’t enough,” master class with Dr. Amanda Kemp, September 27, 2019


On Friday, September 27, 2019 at 9am, Amanda Kemp will be teaching a master class on how to talk about racism–especially when you disagree.  She writes:

“I’m leading this free online class because I want to help you use your voice in ways that can be heard.  If you want to go beyond being right, and get to the point of being effective, please join us.

Our team just finished leading a daylong training at UCLA, and we’ve got some fresh insight into where people get stuck.  Whether you are a person of color or of European descent, our 5 Steps give you a reliable structure to follow when you’re in a conversation about racism.  You don’t have to end up in arguments that go no where.  You don’t have to exhaust yourself re-telling stories of your trauma.  We’ll show you how to lean in and plant a seed so that you have the best chance at transformation.

Peace and love,


P.S.–Pass along this link to others. The best way to acquire a skill is to have a way to practice. Bring a friend and you could practice buddy.”

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