The Next Question; The Video Web Series Imagining How Expansive Racial Justice Can Be. October 24, 2019

AHenry The Princeton YWCA (59 Paul Robeson Place) continues its eight week series following The Next Question today, October 24 at 6 PM for part two of two with Andre Henry.  Screening and discussion will be held in the Bramwell House.

A powerful new web series on race and justice called The Next Question premiered October 6th with Nikole Hannah-Jones spoking about educational inequity in America. What is different about this series is the hosts ask the next question. The “now what.”

YWCA Princeton is proud to host watch parties throughout the months of October and November on the Thursday evening following each episode.

Please check it out and join us. It will be casual and attendants are encouraged to bring food or drink to share.

If you, personally, are white and have not started your own anti-racism work, you are encouraged to start that work now with Layla F Saad’s Me and White Supremacy workbook.

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