Before We Were White, Online Course Beginning January 26, 2020


Before We Were White

ancestral recovery for collective liberation

Online Course with White Awake
Facilitators: Eleanor Hancock and David Dean
Guest Teachers: Lyla June, Katrina Messenger, Katrina Browne, Bonnie Duran

This course is designed to help you:

  • Foster understanding of white supremacy, capitalism, settler-colonialism, and the European origins of these phenomena
  • Place your family stories within a larger historical and political framework
  • Open pathways for discharging inherited harm or confusion that can arise from our connection to ancestors who have perpetrated or participated in oppression, exploitation, or genocide
  • Open pathways for greater connection and relationship with ancestors of blood, social location, or chosen lineage who can support contemporary work for positive social change
  • Build resilience, an integrated sense of self, and a stronger sense of purpose in your work for collective liberation
Jan 26, Feb 2, Feb 16, Feb 23, March 8, March 15
5-7:30pm ET (2-4:30pm PT)
Suggested $120-340 registration fee
No one turned away for lack of funds
Click here to register on our site
Sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is not mandatory. 

We encourage you to participate in the series with a friend or as part of a group, if at all possible. Participating with others enriches the experience, and grounds your process in local community and/or relationships you already have. Please note that, even when participating as part of a group, each person needs to register independently for the series.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we are holding this course, what type of participation we are asking you to choose (recording vs live session), or whether or not this course is a good fit for you, please write us at:

To more fully understand terminology, intentions, and the caucus we are holding for this course please visit our Intention & Ground Rules document.

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