Saturday May 9 #RunWithMaud #AhmaudArbery #Wearedonedying #JusticeforAhmaud

Thank you to Catherine J. Fulmer-Hogan and Tatiana Joelle for creating this family event and extending it to others as a way for us to support and demonstrate the lack of justice experienced by the African Community And other People of Color in America. This is an invitation to ALL people.

Saturday, May 9 at 1pm beginning in front of The Hopewell Valley Regional School District Administration Building, we will walk as a family in our white t-shirts in solidarity with people all over this country who are outraged by the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery. We will wear our masks and respect the space of others by exercising social distancing, but we WILL walk where we can be seen. Our hope is to raise awareness, fight injustice and serve as an example that we are unified in our assertion that our lives matter, that we demand equal protection under the law and justice for victims and their families. We are done dying at the hands of white supremacists and we demand that they and those who would protect them be held accountable. This is how we will observe Mother’s Day because I have the privilege of holding my babies, Wanda Cooper-Jones does not. My family has asked what I want. This is what I want above all else. A family who cares about seeking justice not only for themselves, but also for others.

UPDATE: We will start at the south end of the drive in front of the HVRSD Administration Building and head north through the drive and exit northbound onto Main Street. We will follow Main street north and cross to the southbound side of the street at Delaware. We will continue north on Main and turn left into the 2nd entrance for the Municipal Building. We will follow the drive and curve around back onto Main Street. We will cross at Delaware and then take Delaware west to Burd Street. At Burd We will take a left and head south to O’Hanlon and follow O’Hanlon around to Crawley Avenue and then right onto Academy Avenue. We will take Academy to Main and at Main, we will head south towards Toll Gate. We can cross safely there and continue south on Main. We will enter the drive of the Admin. Bldg. at the south end and loop around back to that point to complete our 2.23 miles. This route begins at the central hub of our school district, takes us past Pennington African American Cemetery. It takes us to our Municipal Government building. Then through what was an historically African American community, past both of our African American churches, our second historically African American community and back to our Admin. Bldg. Those choices were not an accident. #RunWithMaud #AhmaudArbery #Wearedonedying #JusticeforAhmaud

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