#SayTheirNames Funeral Procession & Call to Action, May 28, 2020


The #SayTheirNames Funeral Procession aims to pay respect to all those who have needlessly passed away due to government inaction and demand the governor and state officials act before more people die. We demand that people are released and conditions are improved immediately. Many who remain incarcerated are there for drug offenses, elderly, sickly, and due for release within a year.



Every car in the procession will wear a sign with the name of someone who has passed or who is still trapped inside the system. We will #SayTheirNames. We will remember. These are our mothers and fathers, sisters, daughters and sons, friends and neighbors and human beings who deserve more.

Faith leaders will guide the procession around the Trenton War Memorial.

Everyone is welcome. We will be maintaining social distance and all recommended safety procedures. Everyone is to remain in their vehicle. Masks will be provided to those who need it. We are here because we care for our community and ask everyone to respect those safety guidelines.

Come make a difference! If you can’t come by car we would still love your support on social media.

Following registration you will receive a welcome email packet by Monday 5/25. If you have any questions beforehand don’t hesitate to reach out to Crystal

Register for Event and/ or social media here: https://bit.ly/saytheirnamesrally

Questions? Contact Crystal by Clicking here

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