Virtual Continuing Conversation on TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2020 at 7 pm; Racial Literacy in the Schools


2020 Vision for Racial Literacy & Justice: Clarity in spite of Chaos—Sharing from the PHS RLJ Community

Please note the change of date to June 2 (7 pm) to hear Princeton High School students from the spring semester Racial Literacy and Justice class provide insight into their journeys.  Click here to register.

Racial literacy is neither a singular destination nor single moment of accomplishment. Instead it is an open acknowledgement that literacy is multi-faceted and requires a life-long commitment to growth and change.

Racial justice is that which allows us to take action steps toward courageous conversations, going together as a class to the places that allow us to understand complex ideas of joy and pain, domination and progress without the stereotypical gaze of those who have never explored these topics before.

We approach the ideas of antiracist thought as a community and use this forum as a means to transfer our understandings. This year, the challenge is perhaps even greater than in previous semesters with pandemic’s unmasking of various systems of racial domination in real time and on a global scale.

Some members of the fall Racial Literacy and Justice class traveled to Washington, D.C. as part of their learning.  Click here to see an overview of their experience.

Remember to register for Tuesday night’s Continuing Conversation.

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