Study, Support & Action: Cultivating Resilient Allies in Struggle


Study, Support & Action: Cultivating Resilient Allies in Struggle. An Online Caucus with White Awake

Facilitators: Eleanor Hancock and David Dean

“The whole world is watching. We can declare policing as we know it a thing of the past and create a compassionate, non-violent future.”
– Steve Fletcher (We Must Disband the Police)

We are living at a time of the largest unrest and nationwide protest in over 50 years. Centered around the experiences and leadership of black people in this country, a multiracial rebellion of hundreds of thousands has taken to the streets demanding an end to policing as we know it and an end to racist, state-sanctioned murder.

Greater numbers of white people are taking action and rising to consciousness perhaps than ever before. Yet in the midst of it all, many of us are experiencing feelings of overwhelm or confusion about how to take action or offer support, uncertainty about what is actually happening (amidst contradictory media narratives), and a strong desire to understand both the centuries-long history of racial oppression in the US and strategies for changing its course.

White Awake’s Study, Support and Action caucus is a series of informal, online meetings designed to help white folks cultivate emotional resilience and political clarity as we participate in this moment. Study materials will be oriented toward people who are new to an exploration of race and solidarity, though participants with more experience in these areas are more than welcome to join.

In our time together we will:
  • Study: Each week will include time to reflect on assigned study materials that shed light on the roots of white supremacy and police violence in this country, the connection of these things to an economic system that harms all of us, and strategies for building strong, multiracial coalitions to challenge them.

  • Support one another: Our group meetings will be facilitated to encourage vulnerability and honesty. Facilitators and participants can help answer questions and direct folks to deeper learning as desired.

  • Take action: Meeting conversations and materials shared will highlight an array of opportunities to make an impact within this moment and/or commit ourselves to engagement in long-term struggle for positive social change.

** These meetings are being held as a white caucus. For more information about this, see our ground rules for group participation. **

June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12, 4-6pm ET (1-3pm PT)

Suggested donation: $20-160 for series. Payment not required

Click here to register on our site

Meetings will be recorded and available for participant viewing during the week following each date

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