An Insatiable Rage

Charles Blow’s column describes the motivation for the current protests “This isn’t only about the pain of police brutality, it’s about all the pain” and summarizes the difficulty in making real progress “Racial oppression is infinitely transmutable.”  To read his complete essay, click here.

One Comment on “An Insatiable Rage

  1. Indeed, Blow has a way of framing the topic of racism in ways that opens both the eyes and heart while allowing people to ask themselves the important questions: Why do you want to be a racist? How does your social ideologies on race serve your wellbeing? How may it harm your wellbeing? How does it threaten another’s human dignity? As we grapple, individually, to scratch the surface of who we are, who we want to be and how to get there it is important to show up. Hiding in the name of lacking knowledge or under the pretense that you need more information will never serve your personal growth. Engage in this community, Not In Our Town is here for you; however, if you do not participate the road to self-discovery will be a lonely one filled with doubt and questions as well as you will remain stagnant…Please join the conversations or start one…

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