Events, Week of July 12, 2020

Times listed are EDT.

July 12

Noon-5pm Newark Art Museum: Community Day: Say It Loud…, A Reflection on the ‘67 Newark Uprising, Then and Now

On the anniversary of the 1967 Newark Uprising, Newark Art Museum reflects with our community on the parallels and differences between then and now. Through a series of engaging virtual programs ranging from storytime, performance, and conversations, themes of equity and inclusion will be explored. This is an opportunity for all generations to come together to discuss and understand our past and present in order to build towards a better future.

1 pm Ewing March against Racism in Education


3:00  – 4:30 pm White Fragility–Beyond The White Echo Chamber: (“Do The Right Thing”)

Conversation with Cariol Horne, a Buffalo, New York, police officer, who did stop a white colleague from choking a handcuffed black suspect. Register in advance on Eventbrite at the link above.

8:00 – 9:30 pm The Lynching of Black America

This presentation is produced and moderated by Aundar Ma’at and Born Logic Allah for Melaneyes Media LLC, Register in advance on Eventbrite at the link above.

July 13

1 – 2:30 pm Antiracist Lunch Convos for White Folx

Do you have questions about RACE, RACISM, WHITENESS, and/or the current racialized moment around ongoing police brutality? The conversations will be co-facilitated each time by at least two experienced white anti-racism facilitators “to take some of the burden off of POC leadership.” Register in advance at the link above.

7 – 8:30 pm Uncovering the Trauma of Racism, Part 1

Psychologist Dr. Nathalie Edmond identifies the causes, symptoms, and impacts of racial trauma and explores strategies for healing on an individual and community level.  Click here for Crowdcast link.

July 15


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