Read, Watch, Learn about Racism and Anti-Racism, Week of June 11, 2020

40 Acres

The long history of racist housing discrimination in America.  On the Media’s Brooke Gladstone interviews Matthew Desmond, Isabel Wilkerson, and others about evictions, Great Migrations,  reparations after the end of the Civil War went to enslavers and not newly emancipated , house ownership and the creation of personal wealth. (50 minutes)  Part of the series Scarlet E, Unmasking America’s Eviction Crisis.  Click here to hear all four segments.

Long history of  racial violence in America
Professor Arthur H. Garrison, Kutztown University, author of  Chained to the System, reviews the many white race riots against African Americans. (6 minutes)

Why the term “BIPOC” is so complicated, explained by linguists” Vox by Constance Grady

Born as a self-designated, solidarity term “to describe the alliance formed between different minority women’s groups at the 1977 National Women’s Conference in Houston,” Loretta Ross feels that the term has been flattened over the years and credited as a white creation.  deandre miles-hercules, a PhD linguistics student states that users need to understand the history of the term and the context in which it is appropriate to use BIPOC.

Ending the Use of Racist Mascots and Images

“The museum strongly believes that Native names, other words associated with Native people and Native-inspired mascots do not honor Indigenous people, our histories or our cultures. On the contrary: Any team name or image that evokes Native people emboldens disrespectful fans to continue to paint their faces, don headdresses and act out faux-Native performances.” Read the National Museum of the American Indian’s full statement by clicking here.

White liberals, despite believing we are saying and doing the right things, have resisted the systemic changes our cities have needed for decades. We have mostly settled for illusions of change, like testing pilot programs and funding volunteer opportunities.

Only a small number of large companies have tied executive compensation to goals for hiring and promotion of workers from underrepresented groups.




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