Virtual Community Dialog about Policing, July 26, 2020


Join the Princeton Civil Rights Commission on Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 6 pm for an evening of listening and learning with Mayor Liz Lempert and  Police Chief Nick Sutter. Sutter and Lempert will be in dialogue with each other and members of the public. The moderator will be Councilperson Leticia Fraga. Ms Fraga is the Municipal Council Liaison Princeton Civil Rights Commission.  Municipal Web Zoom:

Topics will include but not be limited to:

What is “public safety” and how has the concept evolved over your years in office?
Is “community policing” a concept to retire, reconsider or revive?
How does the national context including the response to Covid 19 devastation — with its disproportionate impact on BIPOC — and repeated incidents of police violence change the reality and responsibilities of local officials? What does the present moment demand of them and of all of us?
What are you thoughts about demands to defund the police in the context of the fight for black lives?
What are your thoughts about or experience with Civilian Community Police Review Boards?
Is the concept of “8 can’t wait” useful for Princeton?
What are your hopes for Princeton? What are you most proud of during your tenure? What challenges continue to loom largest?
What do you wish you had or still hope to accomplish?

Questions may be submitted in advance to:

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