Princeton Board of Education to Discuss Renaming John Witherspoon Middle School, July 23, 2020


On Thursday, July 23 at 8 am, the Policy Committee of the Princeton Public Schools to discuss the renaming of John Witherspoon Middle School.  Written comments on the subject of the JWMS name may be submitted to the Board via

To join the meeting on Thursday morning, use this link:


The hearing will be recorded and made available on the PPS website.

From an article on Princeton Patch:

A recent Princeton High School graduate, Geoffrey Allen, recently created a petition to rename John Witherspoon Middle School, which prompted the Board of Education to schedule a public discussion on July 23.

“I feel like renaming the school will be the start of symbolic change and allow more efforts to change the school,” said Allen, a 2019 graduate.

Allen launched his petition last week and has just under 1,500 signatures.

“In the midst of the ongoing support of the Black Lives Matter movement, this has created the opportune moment for John Witherspoon Middle School to rid itself of its slave-owning and anti-abolitionist namesake, John Witherspoon,” Allen wrote on his petition.

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