Justice for Maurice Gordon


It has been 59 days since New Jersey State Trooper Sergeant Randall Wetzel took the life of Maurice Gordon, shooting him 6 times, after having already given him a pat-down to confirm that he was unarmed. It has also been 59 days that his surviving family has been waiting for the full video evidence and documentation of his murder from NJ Attorney General Grewal’s Office. Join us in demanding that the NJ DOJ release all materials related to his death.
1. Call the Attorney General’s Office
When you call please say the following statement and demand the three asks:
“My name is ____ and I am calling on the behalf of the family of Maurice Gordon and I demand the release of all media, audio recordings, records and reports related to the killing in their original form. I demand the release of all materials and reports related to the autopsy. I demand a fair and impartial presentation of the evidence to the grand jury.”
Telephone number: 609 – 292 – 4925
2. Send an email to the Attorney General
You can also send an email directly to the Attorney General’s office by following this link if you are from the US or abroad.
3. Sign the petition


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