Read, Watch, Listen, Learn about Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism, September 21 — October 2, 2020

“Despite pledges to nominate more members of underrepresented ethnic and racial groups, companies have made little progress over the last five years. . . . having a diverse group of corporate leaders was not just the right thing but also good for the health of businesses. Some studies have found a link between diversity and corporate profits, for example.”

Deep in the Swamps, Archaeologists Are Finding How Fugitive Slaves Kept Their Freedom (Smithsonian Magazine)

“By downplaying American marronage, and valorizing white involvement in the Underground Railroad, historians have shown a racial bias, a reluctance to acknowledge the strength of black resistance and initiative.”

Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery

Provides a unique historical perspective into the reality of slavery for Africans brought to America. It is the only museum of its kind in Philadelphia that exhibits authentic slavery artifacts.Click here to book a tour.  The museum is located at 5501 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144. Phone (215) 205-4324 / (215) 397-6060. E-mail

The problem with race-based medicine

“In her Ted Talk, legal scholar Dorothy Roberts lays out the lingering traces of race-based medicine — and invites us to be a part of ending it.”

Before We Can Have Anti-Racist Classrooms, Teacher Preparation Needs an Overhaul (Education Week)

Keziah Ridgeway “teach[es] African American history using a curriculum that has abolished the white supremacist, racist, and patriarchal lenses that are intrinsic within schools and are so harmful to all students. . . . As part of building an anti-racist education system, teacher-preparation programs have to completely abandon their current model and try something new.”

Nicole Ellis investigates the lasting influence of slavery on American life, the reparations debate and the challenges of charting family trees.

“Many have fallen into disrepair, the victims of mismanagement, political strife or abandonment. Now there’s an effort to restore and protect them. . . . A bill introduced in the Senate last year would require the National Park Service to begin building a database and network of where the old burial grounds are, or were.”

Which Police Departments Are as Diverse as Their Communities? (New York Times)

“New federal data show that rank-and-file officers in hundreds of police departments are considerably more white than the communities they serve. Of 467 local police departments with at least 100 officers that reported data for both 2007 and 2016, more than two-thirds became whiter relative to their communities between those years, according to a New York Times analysis of the data.” Reported by Lauren Leatherby and

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