60+ Racial Literacy Lessons. For Free. Online. Now.

Winona Guo and Priva Vulchi, CHOOSE Co-Founders

What am I looking at? Racial literacy lesson and unit plans, in all subject areas & for all grade levels, created and tested by the CHOOSE Champions team of 34 nationwide educators. The culmination of a year’s work, just launched.


Who are the CHOOSE Champions? Trailblazing U.S. educators! Read their stories at the button below. They signed up in July 2019 for the CHOOSE Champions Educator Fellowship. They’ve collaborated with other educators, created and taught racial literacy lessons (edited by us), tested Tell Me Who You Are, and agreed to share their work online for free. They teach ethnic studies, math, teacher education, sports coaching and more.


What next? 

  1. Get word out there that this resource for educators is available—all found at the link chooseorg.org/for-educators!
  2. If you’re using TMWYA in your classroom, check out the form on our website (you can use it, for example, to share your students’ questions with the authors).
  3. If you’re teaching racial literacy lessons of any kind (especially featuring TMWYA or the heart-mind gap) which you’d like us to feature on the site, please share them with us via team@chooseorg.org.
  4. Stay tuned @choose_org (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for featured educator and student work alike. Our student Race Reporters are creating new bite-sized racial literacy lessons every week!
Click here to browse.

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