NJ MVC set to establish regulations

This Friday, January 15th, the MVC will be adopting and introducing amendments to the regulations on expanding access to driver’s licenses for all! This is a welcome first step towards reaching the goal of ensuring every resident in New Jersey regardless of their immigration status the opportunity to earn a standard driver’s license. 

This is the culmination of hard work over the past six months urging the MVC to fix the proposed regulations, but we know this will not be the last hurdle we come across for access to driver’s licenses either. Now that regulations are set to be adopted, we need to make sure they address our communities’ concerns and ensure accessibility for all. 

Take action: LetsDriveNJ.org/finalize_the_regs

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is grateful to Governor Murphy and NJ MVC for moving forward with implementation given the delays, and prioritizing improving access for and inclusion of immigrant and marginalized communities. 

Looking ahead, the process must be transparent and accountable to impacted communities’ concerns. With a more transparent implementation process, the NJ MVC can ensure all residents, regardless of immigration status, have access as the agency starts to roll-out this program. This begins with adopting the regulations, launching a public awareness campaign, and by setting a timeline to begin issuing drivers licenses under this new policy.  

On December 28th, the New Jersey MVC announced it would delay the expanding access to driver’s licenses. This announcement came just a few days before the expected start date of this new law, leading many residents to lose faith in the process and frustrated with the lack of information, and transparency with impacted communities, particularly with a lack of plans to implement.

Adopting and amending regulations is a sign of hope for thousands of our fellow New Jerseyans who are in need. Activists and community advocates have been working to make sure the new driver’s license policy works for all, not just some.  This is the time to get it right. Please consider sending your message to Gov. Murphy and MVC Chief Fulton, urging them to continue to address community concerns with a transparent and inclusive approach.

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