Rev. Lukata Mjumbe presentation and sources from Not in Our Town Princeton’s Continuing Conversations, 2/1/2021

Rev. Lukata Mjumbe, pastor of the historic Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church, spoke at Not in Our Town Princeton’s Continuing Conversation on Monday, Feb. 1, “Confronting the Lies that We Tell Ourselves and Each Other.” As always, Rev. Mjumbe’s talk was richly informative and inspiring.  We in Princeton are fortunate to have a prophet in Princeton. Below are links to Rev. Mjumbe’s presentation, including the Q&A, and to the resources he mentioned.  I’ve also included the discussion questions. We encourage you to share the video with others and to use the questions to begin or continue learning and talking about the history we weren’t taught, the African American history of Princeton, of the town where you live, and of our country. 

Discussion questions

1. Are there any “Black history mysteries” that you learned about Princeton and/or New Jersey late in life?  What is the African American history of your town? What surprised you about the presentation tonight?

 2. Are you aware of any “lies agreed upon” that seem to exist about the history and reality of race and racism in Princeton? How do you intend to challenge the lies? How should “our town” challenge the lies?

 3. Have you ever had a difficult conversation about Black history with a person of a different racial group? Your same racial group?

Rev. L. Mjumbe presentation

Princeton (U.) & Slavery Project

Princeton Seminary and Slavery

I hear my people singing

Princeton Seminary in American Religion and Culture

The Robeson House of Princeton

Witherspoon-Jackson Historical and Cultural Society 

Read the newest newsletter and explore Shirley Satterfield’s tour of the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood

Princeton’s Reassessment of W. Wilson

Princeton Mutual Aid

Unidad Latina en Acción NJ

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