Selections to Read, Watch, Listen, Learn about Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism from January, 2021.

Coronavirus has besieged Filipino, Vietnamese Americans in Bay Area (Los Angeles Times (December 31, 2020)

“Vietnamese Americans accounted for 28% of coronavirus cases among Asian Americans in Santa Clara County between June 1 and Dec. 3, yet they make up 19% of the population of Asian Americans in the county . . . . Filipino Americans, 13% of the Asian American population in the county, accounted for 21% of such cases during the same time period.”

Classes on Racial Justice Can End Up Burdening Students, Faculty of Color (Teen Vogue, January 4, 2021)

“Social justice 101 classes that fan the fires of white fragility are not going to erase campus racism. Instead, universities need to take a look at systemic problems faced by BIPOC students in and outside academic settings, hire more faculty of color, support those already on staff, and realize that racism has no magical solution that can be implemented overnight.”

Kid glove treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strong-arm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say  (Washington Post, January 6, 2021)

“Our activists are still to this day met with hyper-police violence,” Helm said. “And today you see this full-on riot — literally a coup — with people toting guns, which the police knew was coming and they just let it happen. I don’t understand where the ‘law and order’ is. This is what white supremacy looks like.”

We Can Make America Anew Only If We’re Honest About the Depth of the Ugliness and Hate Today (Time, January 11, 2021)

After the January 6 insurrection, Princeton Professor Eddie S. Glaude Jr. calls for Congressional hearings about the threat of white nationalism to this country similar to the 1871 hearings about Ku Klux Klan atrocities.  “These hearings should expose the workings of white supremacy groups, create the conditions for the eradication of organizations like the Proud Boys, and lay the groundwork for legislation that will, once and for all, banish these groups from the body politic.”

Where to start with James Baldwin

“The iconic American author, essayist, poet and playwright turned his life’s struggles into brilliant literary works, as relevant today as when they were written. Here’s a guide to his best books to start with, by Eddie S. Glaude Jr., the author of Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Today.”

The ‘whitewashing’ of Black Wall Street (Washington Post, January 17, 2021)

“A century after the Tulsa massacre, Black entrepreneurs in the city’s Greenwood district feel threatened with erasure yet again, amid demands for reparations.”

Annual Princeton Martin Luther King, Jr. Multifaith Service, co-sponsored by the Coalition for Peace Action and the Princeton Clergy Association.

Click here to listen to the Rev. Dr. Charles Boyer who was the preacher.

Amanda Gorman, U.S. National Youth Poet Laureate, at the Presidential and Vice Presidential Inauguration

Listen, or listen again, to the poet reciting her Inauguration poem by clicking here.

discusses progress, and lack therefore, of  adding directors who are not White and male to corporate boards.

Percy Julian; Forgotten Genius

Nova program about the remarkable life of Percy Julian — not only one of the great African American scientists of the 20th century, but an industrialist, self-made millionaire, humanitarian and civil-rights pioneer.

Joshua Barone presents the advice about implementing racial equity that smaller classical musical organizations have for their larger counterparts.  For example, from the Imani Winds oboeist, Toyin Spellman-Diaz, “Program from the heart, and people will follow. Design events that attract the communities you want to attract. Is there easy transportation to the hall? Is there child care? Is there food that everyone can afford? You have to design events as opposed to concerts.”

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