Dr. Ibram Kendi and Dr. Michelle Harper speak at Womanspace workshop, March 24, 2021

Womanspace is committed to antiracism, believing it to be intricately linked to our work with victims and survivors of interpersonal violence. “A New Vision of Womanspace: Dismantling Racism and Realizing a Just Organization” is our newest project that will take us on a journey that will elevate our work and lead us to a stronger and more inclusive agency. Womanspace is proud to invite you to a very exciting workshop to launch our project, featuring two leaders in the field, Dr. Ibram Kendi author of the best-selling book, “How to be Antiracist” and Dr. Michelle Harper, author of best-selling “The Beauty in Breaking.” Their short biographies follow.   To help develop this project, we’ve contracted with Sandy Ewell, co-founder and President of the Common Ground Institute, LLC. Sandy has worked closely with Womanspace and will serve as our guide in the coming months to work towards ensuring our success as we strive to achieve our goals of increasing inclusion and creating a more just and antiracist organization.  This event will be held on March 24th, beginning at 9:30am.Please register by following the link below. Space is very limited so please make sure to register as soon as possible to ensure your spot! We look forward to seeing you there.  
Ibram Kendi is one of America’s foremost historians and leading antiracist scholars. He is a National Book Award-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling author. A sought after public speaker, Kendi has delivered thousands of addresses to institutions in the United States and around the world. Michelle Harper has worked as an emergency room physician for more than a decade at various institutions, including chief resident at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. Her book, “The Beauty in Breaking,” details an emergency room physician whose work has taken her on a journey of understanding the impact of racism in our healthcare system.
Click here for register for this free event.

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