Selections to Read, Watch, Listen, Learn about Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism from May, 2021

British rapper Swiss (Pierre Neil) created Black Pound Day, a once-a-month promotion to encourage people to spend money with Black businesses on a regular basis.  Eshe Nelson’s article gives examples of the positive effect this effort has had as well as referencing historical efforts to increase Black wealth and the difficulty Black entrepreneurs encounter getting venture capital.

Higher Ed’s Most Common Rationale for Diversity Favors White Students More than Black Diverse Issues in Higher Education, May 6, 2021)

Inspired by Natasha Kumar Warikoo’s book The Diversity Bargain, Princeton University researchers “analyzed diversity statements at universities across the U.S. and surveyed roughly 1,200 participants, including students, admissions officers and parents/caregivers. . . . [and] came to three conclusions: (1) universities use instrumental rationales more than moral rationales in their diversity statements; (2) White students tend to prefer instrumental rationales while Black students tend to prefer moral rationales; and (3) Black graduation rates were lower at schools that favored instrumental rationales.”

“Slavers of New York is a sticker campaign and education initiative dedicated to calling out — and eventually mapping — the history of slavery in New York City.  Designed by Ada Reso, 30, who is Mx. Waithe’s roommate, and with research by Maria Robles, 33, the stickers, which mimic street signs, feature the names of prominent New Yorkers and provide details on the number of slaves they owned. . . . mission to let New Yorkers know that a good number of the city’s streets, subway stations and neighborhoods are named after enslavers.”

Princeton University’s Lewis Center 2020-21 Season Video Replays

In case you missed or want to rewatch Lewis Center programs with Black artists, here is your chance.  Programs include Daphne Brooks and Tracy K. Smith in Conversation, A Past Becomes a Heritage: The Negro Units of the Federal Theatre Project, Tracy K. Smith in Conversation with Jericho Brown and Danez Smith, Combahee Experimental, and Selwyn Seyfu Hinds ’93 in Conversation with Princeton Lecturer in Creative Writing A.M. Homes.

“The Virginia Theological Seminary is giving cash to descendants of Black Americans who were forced to work there. The program is among the first of its kind.”

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