Counter Hangman’s Noose! Anti-Hate/Pro-Love Gathering in Princeton, June 27, 2021

Recently a hangman’s noose was discovered on Princeton University’s campus and is now being investigated as a possible hate crime.

In response,the Trenton NAACP and the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action are co-organizing a Gathering of Symbols of Love on Sunday, June 27 from 2:00-4:00 PM on Firestone Plaza adjacent to the steps of Princeton University Chapel. The Plaza is just off the intersection of Washington Road (Route 571) and William Street; parking is available on William Street.

People of faith and good will are encouraged to join to strongly reject such symbols of white supremacist violent hatred. The organizers believe the best way to pro-actively and nonviolently counter such hate is to overcome it with expressions of love affirming diversity and the equality of all people, through a coming together of what Dr. King called the Beloved Community.

Faith communities of all types are encouraged to attend, bringing a symbol of love from their respective faith tradition to display. Each faith leader will be offered the opportunity to show their symbol and make brief remarks up to two minutes about it.

The Princeton University Chapel, Princeton Civil Rights Commission, and Princeton Mutual Aid are co-sponsoring the Gathering. For further information, visit or call 609-924-5022.

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