CENJC is calling writers and artists from High School and beyond to advance the cause of justice using the powerful truth telling of the arts. Use your creativity with graphics or the written and spoken word, to engage with the racial inequities intrinsic to our nation. Address our collective responsibility to create a more just future. Choose from the list of topics or create your own on the contest theme “Advancing Justice.”
High School spoken/written awards: First, $200; Second, $150; Third, $100. Adult spoken/written award is $250.
Film/Graphic Art award is $200; $100 Second place. Awardees will be recognized at our CENJC Advancing Justice Contest Winners Reception in spring of 2022, with the opportunity to read, perform or show your work.


1. Send in your original work in one of the following genres:

Spoken Word, Rap, Essay or Poetry of no more than 40 lines, along with an identification page and the accompanying video of your reading/performance. Give your name and the work’s title in your video, too.

Film of up to 10 minutes in length. Give your name and
film title in your video and accompany it with an identification page.

Graphic Art of 8.5 x 11 or larger in a photo along with an
identification page. We will want to share the art in schools and public spaces.

2. The identification page requires your full name, first, then last; your email address; phone number, school name, (optionalchurch/mosque/temple name if applicable). Teacher or youth leader/clergy name. Finally, include your personal note that your written work is original, and no one else’s. Then sign your name.

3. Each page you send should have your name and email address on it.

4. Create your own title or feel free to use the contest title ADVANCING JUSTICE. Make sure any facts you share in your work are verifiable.

5. DEADLINE is Friday, February 18, 2022. Submit all entries to
contest@endnewjimcrownj.org. (Submit any questions to this address)

Topic Choices: Pick one or create your own on the theme of Advancing Justice.

A How do we confront the nationwide efforts to censor or suppress the discussion of racial justice issues, especially in schools?

B) How can we shift schools from being punitive spaces to being places of support and safety?

C) How can we promote the practices and values embodied in the southernAfrican philosophy of Ubuntu? It means to recognize that our security, our prosperity, and even our wholeness is tied to that of others. Where is there most need of this practice and how can we achieve it?

D) Who do you know or know of (a friend, a teacher, a family member, a leader, a church, temple or mosque or other group) who is advancing justice? What and why should we know about them?



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