Continuing Conversation on Race and White Privilege, November 1, 2021: Understanding the Abolition Movement

During the 2020 uprisings, the movement to build a world without police and prisons burst into mainstream discourse, inspiring new people to get involved and raising questions for those who had never heard of abolition. This introductory workshop will explore some of the following questions: what is the prison industrial complex (PIC)? What are the goals, strategies, and vision of the PIC abolition movement? Is abolition “realistic”? What work do we need to do to build toward an abolitionist world? Why should those who care about ending systemic racism and mass incarceration embrace abolition?

This coming Monday, November 1st, at 7:00pm is our next Continuing Conversation on Race & White Privilege. Not in Our Town Princeton invites you to join Atlanta-based organizer and activist Micah Herskind in a Zoom-based presentation on the abolition movement. Micah is a policy associate at the Southern Center for Human Rights, and a member of the Georgia Freedom Letters core organizing team. He is a co-creator of the #8ToAbolition political education project, and co-facilitates a slack group chat for Christian abolitionists. Micah writes, tweets, and sometimes speaks about prison abolition and the harm of mainstream criminal justice reforms, and keeps an updated resource guide on prison and police abolition.

Click here to register and receive the login link for our virtual program, which is FREE and open to anyone invested in inclusive communities and racial justice.

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