Rally to Support Reparations, December 2, 2021

Beth Morgan, from the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow (Trenton chapter), provided information about this and other rallies on Thursday:

On Thursday, Dec. 2 there will be 3 consecutive rallies at the State House in Trenton. One of the most important will be the Reparations rally at 11:00.

The day’s events are as follows:

The League of Women Voters and the People’s Organization for Progress are starting the day off with a rally for strong Civilian Review Boards at 10am.

  • This rally will focus on showing support for A4656/S2963, authorizing municipalities and counties to establish civilian review boards to review police operations and conduct.

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and New Jersey Faith Allies will take over at 11am for a rally calling for Reparations!

  • This rally will be urging the legislators to support A711/S322, historic legislation to establish a task force that will study New Jersey’s role in American slavery and make policy recommendations to repair its enduring effects.

ACLU-NJ and the Thrive Coalition will finish up the day by leading a press conference with legislators and a rally for reproductive freedom at 1pm!

  • This press conference and rally will be urging legislators to pass S3030/A4848 the Reproductive Freedom Act protecting reproductive rights in New Jersey.

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