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Ann Yasuhara: NIOT co-founder

Ann Yasuhara was born to privilege — to white privilege, as she would say. As was I, her cousin. Ann combined her Quaker faith with action focused on peace, the environment, social justice, and racial equality. Of her many causes,…

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Not in Our Town Princeton Annual Meeting Report

Not in Our Town PrincetonFebruary 13, 2012St. Paul’s ChurchMINUTES of 2011 ANNUAL MEETINGa continuation of the meetingbegun on January 9, 2012St. Paul’s Church Attending: Ted Fetter, Barbara Fox, Wilma Solomon, Larry Spruill, Nancy Strong, MariettaTaylor, Joyce Turner, Ann Yasuhara 1….

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NIOT Annual Report 2010

NIOT ‘s major project in winter/spring 2010 was the presentation of Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North on March 11, at PPL. This disturbing and deeply moving film documents the Browne family’s journey retracing the steps…

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In the Echo: LALDEF

The Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund was the front page focus for Joe Emanski in Princeton Echo this month. In the interivew with Maria “Charo” Juega and Leticia Fraga Nadler about the organization’s work in Princeton and Trenton,…

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LALDEF: a more just and inclusive society

Congratulations to the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. At a press conference  on Monday September 15 at 2 PM ,  at the Mediterra Restaurant on Hulfish Street, Princeton.  LALDEF representatives will review the agency’s trajectory over the…

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