About Us

NOT IN OUR TOWN PRINCETON is a multi-racial, multi-faith group of individuals who stand together for racial justice and inclusive communities. Our focus is to promote the equitable treatment of all, and to uncover and confront white supremacy— the system that facilitates the preference, privilege and power of white people at the expense of non-white people and pits racial and ethnic groups against each other by upholding a hierarchy based on proximity to whiteness.

Our goal is to identify and expose the political, economic, and cultural systems which have enabled white supremacy to flourish, and to create new structures and policies which will ensure equity and inclusion for all. In our commitment to uncovering the blight of white supremacy on our humanity, we take responsibility to address it and eliminate it in all its forms through intentional action, starting with ourselves and our communities.

We welcome you to view our introductory video below:


To connect with us, please send an email to

info (at) niotprinceton.org,

mail us at

Not In Our Town Princeton, P.O. Box 43, Princeton, NJ 08542

or reach out to one of our current board members at one of our events:

Caroline Clarke
Jeanne DeVoe
Salma Hashem
Princess Hoagland
Kani Ilangovan
Shelley Krause
Annah Kuriakose
Miki Mendelsohn
Linda Oppenheim (Secretary)
Joanne Parker
Juan Polanco (Treasurer)
Shirley Satterfield
Wilma Solomon
Fern Spruill
Larry Spruill
Valeria Torres-Olivares
Joyce Trotman-Jordan
Sindhu Xirasagar

Youth Advisory Board members: Hillary Allen, Mojisola Ayodele, Soorya Baliga, Darrah Blackwell, Mia Mann-Shafir, Faiz Menai, Chirag Ponnada, Isabel Sethi, Kyara Torres-Olivares, Yayla Tur

Board at Council Award 2019

Some Not In Our Town Princeton Board members after the presentation of appreciation from the Princeton Council for “the important work you do to promote racial justice and inclusion in Princeton.” l-r: Valeria Torres-Olivares, Fern M. Spruill, Miki Mendelsohn, Wilma Solomon, Shelley Krause, Linda Oppenheim, Shirley Satterfield, Princess Hoagland, Larry Spruill, Raisa Rubin-Stankiewicz, Joyce Trotman-Jordan, and Joanne Parker. (September 9, 2019)

Not In Our Town Princeton pre-moderates comments on our blog posts. We currently delete comments that:

  • include abusive, off-topic, or excessively foul language
  • include ad hominem attacks
  • include racist, sexist, homophobic or other slurs
  • include solicitations and/or advertising
  • are thread spamming (you’ve posted this same comment elsewhere on the site)
  • explicitly intend to provoke other commenters or the members of the Not In Our Town Princeton community
  • explicitly oppose our mission of advancing the cause of racial justice and promoting reconciliation in Princeton

(This comment policy was inspired in part by the comment policy of Huffington Post.)

8 Comments on “About Us

  1. I challenge you to publish five cases of white privilege or racism in Princeton in the past five years.

  2. Dear Mr. Rooney — Many people do question how so liberal a town as Princeton can possibly have racism problems, and thank you for starting this important dialogue. We look forward to continuing the discussion. In particular, we invite you to the legislative breakfast, sponsored by the Princeton YWCA, at the Nassau Inn on Friday morning — or to our Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege series on May 4 at 7 p.m. at the Princeton Public Library.

  3. Who are the coordinators of NIOT Princeton? I’d like to get in touch with them about doing a workshop at my school.

  4. Hi, I am just writing to follow up on my inquiry about NIOT doing a workshop at my school for our Community Day as I don’t think I’ve heard from NIOT (I looked through my email to see if I had any correspondence from NIOT and didn’t see any). If someone could kindly email me, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

    • Hi Tran,

      I replied to the email address you listed in your comment in October. I’m repeating it below. Hope you get it. Linda

      Hi Tran,

      I co-lead Not in Our Town with Larry Spruill.

      Could you tell us more about what you want? Is this a student-initiated request? Would participants be students only or faculty and staff? Do you want a one-time or ongoing sessions?

      Thanks. Linda Oppenheim

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