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Another reason people can’t admit white supremacy is a crisis

In his article about the compartmentalization of white supremacy Sam McKenzie Jr. writes: “I write about white supremacy here, but I have other issues in mind too. It would also be compartmentalization to focus only on white supremacy. It’s a…

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Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning?

“Research shows that students, especially boys, benefit when teachers share their race or gender. Yet most teachers are white women.” Claire Cain Miller reports on several studies about the impact of teacher gender and race on student achievement.  While training…

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The Eastern Shore of Maryland is the birthplace of many black revolutionaries. Why?

That Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, both abolitionist leaders, were born a few miles apart on the Maryland Eastern Shore is not surprising.  The Washington Post article examines the elements that made this geographic region a wellspring of freedom for…

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Vermont’s Only Black Female Lawmaker Withdraws Re-Election Bid After Racist Attacks

The state of Vermont’s lone black female lawmaker, Rep. Ruqaiyah “Kiah” Morris (D-Bennington), announced that she will not be running for re-election this year, in part because of the overwhelming amount of racist threats she’s received.  Read the report in…

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Emory law professor accused of using racial slur in lecture

A law professor apologized for using a racial slur during a class lecture. According to the  university’s statement “offensive language was not part of the case law cited. The use of this — or any racial slur — in our…

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