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A College and Klan Traditions

An article about Wesleyan College  in Macon, Ga., where traditions of the Ku Klux Klan once played a key role in campus life, includes examples of KKK influence in other higher education institutions in the United States.

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University of Saskatchewan Is Making Changes to Move toward Reconciliation.

Catherine Porterjune describes the University of Saskatchewan’s increasing the number of aboriginal students and faculty and changing its curriculum to include aboriginal belief systems and traditional knowledge and the reaction to their actions.

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9 Phrases Allies Can Say When Called Out Instead of Getting Defensive

“Being called out (or in) can be a gift, as it calls on us to rise up and do better – to tap into our empathy and do the serious and critical work of interrogating our own beliefs and biases.” …

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The College-Town Achievement Gap

Erik Gleibermann’s article in The Atlantic summarizes his research on the achievement gap in schools. “I wanted to learn what factors might help explain . . . . why racial inequality in schools is so prevalent in these socially progressive…

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‘You’ve got bad blood’: The horror of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.

In her Washington Post article, DeNeen L. Brown reviews the history of the infamous Tuskegee Syphillis Experiment.  “On Tuesday [May 16, 2017], the Tuskegee History Center will mark the 20th anniversary of its founding and President Bill Clinton’s apology to…

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