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Michigan city moves to criminalize calling 911 on people of color who are just living their lives

Jessica Sutherland reports that Grand Rapids, Michigan is addressing the “epidemic of racially-motivated abuses of emergency services.” “Diversity and Inclusion Manager Patti Caudill said the ordinance is a new concept in Michigan. It isn’t meant to discourage 911 calls, she…

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Yankees dump Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ from rotation … here’s why

The Yankees started playing “God Bless America” – most frequently with Kate Smith’s version – following the 9/11 attacks.  Stefan Bondy explains why the Yankees dropped her version for their seventh-inning stretch, and by doing so, took a stand against…

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Avoiding Racial Equity Detours by Paul Gorski

Gorski discusses four common “detours” schools take avoiding the changes necessary in achieving genuine equity.  He follows that discussion with five equity literacy principles that can help schools avoid equity detours and maximize the impact of equity efforts. He notes,…

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Simply Hiring People of Color Is Not a Racial Equity Strategy

Lily Eisner, Policy & Program Assistant, YWCA USA, explains that diversity and inclusion in organizations and workplaces does not end with the hiring of people of color, but requires work on the part of white employees to ensure a racially…

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