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How Black Lives Have Always Mattered: A Reading List

From NPR’s Code Switch thanks to NIOT member Simona Brickers.  “Several recent history books help illuminate the historical contradictions that Black History Month exemplifies, namely, how a nation founded on racial slavery became both a beacon for radical hope and…

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Top 10 Banned Books that Changed the Face of Black History

Dara Plath of the National Coalition Against Censorship writes: “With the aid of the American Library Association’s Top Banned Authors lists, NCAC has compiled this list of 10 books that excite our minds and hearts with their powerful stories—and were…

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Implicit Bias Training for Police: This American Life Segment

Los Vegas police department was able to change the reactions of its police force to young black males through implicit bias training.  Hear the story on NPR’s This American Life.

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Efforts Against Racism: noted in the Princeton Echo

The monthly newspaper,  Princeton Echo , featured Not in Our Town in a lengthy article entitled “A Community Unites Against Racism.”  Six members of NIOT Princeton wrote about our group’s history — how it began — and its mission. The same…

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Charles Blow on His Son’s Encounter with Campus Police

Charles Blow describes his son’s encounter with a Yale University security guard. “There is no amount of respectability that can bend a gun’s barrel. All of our boys are bound together.”

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