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Marshall Zamor died on March 29 in NJ State Police custody. BLM-NJ (Black Lives Matter) is supporting the Zamor family as they seek answers from the police and the attorney general, who have refused to release video of the arrest…

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Vote YES on A3677/S677:reduce racial disparities in the justice system

Please contact your New Jersey Assembly member to vote yes on this important criminal justice reform. The vote is THURSDAY, MARCH 16.  As below. The drug war has produced profoundly unequal outcomes in New Jersey’s criminal justice system. We have the…

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‘I am not your Negro’

I Am  Not Your Negro , an Academy Award-nominated film by Raoul Peck, is an up-to-the-minute examination of race in America. It will be in some theaters on February 3. Here is the trailer. In his New York Times review, A.O. Scott…

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Help make bigotry unprofitable

Have you heard about the big book deal that bigot & hate-monger Milo Yiannopoulos recently scored with Simon & Schuster? Click here for some good advice about what to do about it.

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Let them know they’re in our thoughts

The trial of Dylan Roof begins this week. (Roof is accused of murdering nine Black members of the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.) The members of that congregation will be dealing with a lot of emotions during this…

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