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Appreciation or Appropriation?

One of the questions considered by the fifty-seven attendees at last night’s Continuing Conversation on Race and White Privilege was ” When does cultural appreciation become cultural appropriation?”  Not in Our Town facilitator, John Steele, contributed the following response: “As…

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How America Fails Black Girls

Morgan Jerkins op ed in the New York Times (March 29, 2017) summarizes the aspects of the problem of missing African American and Latina girls.   White mainstream media ignores this issue, devoting disproportionate coverage to white, upper middle-class women and…

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VIDEO: Howard Stevenson

In February, 2017, Not In Our Town’s monthly Continuing Conversation session featured a presentation by Howard Stevenson, author of “Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools: Differences That Make a Difference.” Thanks to our generous partner the Princeton Public Library, we are…

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What does it mean to be Muslim in this moment?

It’s time to gather again. What has it meant, to be Muslim in America, and what does it mean now? What can those of us who wish to stand on the side of justice learn from the experiences and perspectives…

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Now is the time.

Transformation takes courage. Do you have the courage for a transformation in your belief system and your daily life?  During Not in Our Town’s first Continuing Conversation of 2017 (this coming Monday, Jan. 2, 7 pm, Princeton Public Library), you’ll…

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