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To spread the news about racial justice, ask for a supply of these Not in Our Town Princeton bookmarks. Comment on this post and we will send you some.

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February Not-to-miss Events

February is the usual time to discuss black history and the fight against racism, and here are some opportunities. Tim Wise, known for his landmark book White Like Me, will speak at the Carl Fields Center on Monday, February 10,…

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Roberto Schiraldi and Fern Spruill: April 7

THIS CONTINUING CONVERSATION WAS POSTPONED, DUE TO WEATHER. iT WILL TAKE PLACE ON APRIL 7. Roberto Schiraldi and Fern Spruill will moderate Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege on Monday, February 3, at 7 p.m. at the Princeton Public…

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Continuing Conversation for 12/2: What is Helping? What is Hurting? What is Your Role?

Why is the white doll the good doll? In a study of kindergarten children, both black children and white chidlren chose the white doll as their favorite. Blacks and whites alike have been programmed since birth to think that whites…

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