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Photo series challenges negative media stereotypes of black men

Fed up with the media perpetuating damaging and destructive stereotypes of black men, artist EJ Brown created a photo project titled “The Mugshot Series,” which includes seven black-and-white images of young black men dressed in cap and gown holding plaques…

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When You ‘Don’t See Color,’ You’re Contributing to the Everyday Racism Around You.

“People who say that they “don’t see color” also don’t see racism. This comic shows what happens when they miss what’s right in front of them.”

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Racial Microaggressions @ University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Domestic students of color attending the University of Illinois during 2011- 2012 were surveyed about their experiences of microaggressions on campus.  Of the 4800 who participated,”[t]hirty-nine percent (39%) of the students of color who responded to the survey reported feeling…

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Deadly Force in Philadelphia

The March 26, 2015 New York Times editorial discusses the recently released Department of Justice report about Philadelphia police practices and urges implementation of the recommendations. Charles Blow’s column about the same report focuses on “which of the suspects were…

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Black Suspects Are Covered Disproportionately by NYC’s Late-Night TV Newscasts

“Two Media Matters reports analyzing nightly news coverage show New York City outlets have named African-Americans as suspects in murder, theft, and assault stories at a rate at least 14 percent higher than reflected in actual NYPD arrest rates averaged…

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