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Teen Vogue Interview with Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo

Attention to the racial literacy work of Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi, founders of Princeton CHOOSE and editors of A Classroom Index, is growing.   An interview in Teen Vogue with the Princeton High School seniors details the genesis of…

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Emmett Till Painting by White Artist Draws Protest

“When does art cross into appropriation and exploitation? Baruti Kopano, an associate professor at Morgan State University and co-editor of “Soul Thieves: The Appropriation and Misrepresentation of African American Popular Culture,” weighs in on that question and discusses the controversy.”  Randy Kennedy also…

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Claudia Rankine: why I’m spending $625,000 to study whiteness

Poet and MacArthur genius grant winner Claudia Rankine explains her motivation and plans for the Racial Imaginary Institute. “She wants it to be a ‘space which allows us to show art, to curate dialogues, have readings, and talk about the…

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My President Was Black

Drawing on conversations with President Barack Obama during his last year in office, Te-Nehisi Coates assesses the Obama Presidency and his legacy on race. ( The Atlantic, Jan./Feb., 2017) “[I]f his very existence inflamed America’s racist conscience, it also expanded…

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Exploiting African-American History For ‘Ghost Tours’

During an interview on Here and Now, Tiya Miles, professor at the University of Michigan and author of Tales from the Haunted South: Dark Tourism and Memories of Slavery from the Civil War Era (The Steven and Janice Brose Lectures…

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