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Mayor Lempert Signs Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism and Bigotry

Here is the letter sent to Mayor Lempert by members of the Not in Our Town board and appearing in the Town Topics (Wednesday, August 30, 2017, p. 14) and U.S. 1 commending her for signing the Mayors’ Compact to…

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Princeton Is a Community Determined To Break Down the Walls That Divide Us

Steve Drake, a regular participant in Not in Our Town activities, wrote the following letter that was published in the local papers (Town Topics, September 7, 2016 and Princeton Packet, September 9, 2016).  We are pleased to see Not in…

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“Not in Our Town” Supports Designation Of W-J Neighborhood as Historic District

Below is the letter from Not in Our Town  published in  the  Town Topics (April 6, 2016) supporting the designation of the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood as an historic district. To the Editor: African Americans have for centuries sustained and strengthened the…

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Insanity of racism by Joyce Trotman-Jordan

In her letter to the editor of the Trenton Times (Wednesday, July 15, 2015), Not in Our Town Board member, Joyce Trotman-Jordan reminds us of the terrible outcomes of race hatred and our responsibility in the face of it: “We…

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Princeton’s African American Community Should Be Remembered Every Month by Shirley Satterfield

As she frequently does, Not in Our Town board member, Shirley Satterfield, educates the public about the history of the African American community in Princeton in her letter to the editor of the Town Topics (March 18, 2015, p. 16)…

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