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What’s in a Word: white supremacy

Alex Kapitan revisits the definition of the phrase. “The idea that the concept of white supremacy is limited to white nationalism is, in fact, a way in which the true system of white supremacy seeks to disguise itself.”

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The following essay by Lee Mun Wah cites school incidents remarkably similar to those that have happened over the past year in Princeton.  Thank you to NIOT board member Roberto Schiraldi for bringing it to our attention. Recently, in a…

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10 Books I Wish My White Teachers Had Read

Having had mixed experiences with her white teachers, Crystal Paul recommends books to help others take “responsibility to examine their own prejudices, and to learn about the experiences of (and oppressive forces working against) the students they are teaching.”

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The Model Minority in the Age of Trump By Frank Guan

“Frank Guan has written an important piece that helps deconstruct the historical elements of bigotry and resentment currently in play in the lives of Asian Americans, many of which have been amplified since the election. He starts with the recent…

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Children’s Slave Posters & A Mock Slave Auction in Progressive NJ

Shocked by  the slave auction signs drawn by children for an assignment at her child’s school, Ahadi Bugg-Levine warns that the liberal reputation of some New Jersey suburbs has not been earned.  Other work has to be done. “Living together…

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