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The Heartbreak of Raising a Black Daughter in a Red State

Shanita Hubbard describes the racist remarks her 8-year-old daughter has heard since their move to a small town in Pennsylvania.  “[R]aising a brown girl in a red state means I’m not living in an ideal world. It means being vigilant…

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How James Brown Made Black Pride a Hit

Randall Kennedy uses the fifty year anniversary of the James Brown song “Say It Loud, I’m Black and Proud” to remember the reclamation of blackness in the 1960s and the persistence of colorism.  Read the complete essay by clicking here.

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Why I don’t celebrate the 4th of July

Following the Continuing Conversation about Nationalism vs. Patriotism on July 2, Joyce Trotman-Jordan, Not in Our Town board member, wrote the following: “I was a freshman in college when I realized for the first time this holiday was not for…

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Equity Literacy Initiative founder shares tips

Paul C. Gorski, founder of the Equity Literacy Initiative ( recently shared these tips on his Facebook page: According to activists of color I interviewed for a study on burnout in racial justice activists, white activists must prepare themselves better…

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White People Are Noticing Something New: Their Own Whiteness

Emily Bazelon reviews the development of the concept “white” as she analyzes current discussions of the term and ideas surrounding it.  “For a long time, many white people assumed it was our due, as the majority, to encounter various racial…

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