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There really is no place “safe,” is there?

The other day, I touched on the fact that I’ve faced some stark realizations over the past few years, even though I previously thought I was pretty “enlightened.” The realization I came to after this particular event hit me really…

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Does Condoning Racist Family Members Make You an Accessory to Their Bigotry?

In his essay in The Root, Jeremy Helligar relates incidents when friends and family have tolerated hateful attitudes they don’t share and challenges readers to step up and speak up.  Read the complete post by clicking here.

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Media Framing of Las Vegas Shooter

Kelly Macias analyzes the media treatment of Stephen Paddock. “Even in his death, Paddock is afforded something that, in life, is not afforded to people of color. He gets to be seen as an individual—not as a member of a…

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After 60 Years, Are We Honoring the Little Rock Nine?

Commemorating on September 25 the anniversary of the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, AK by the Little Rock Nine, the nine brave African American students who were the first to attend the formerly all white school, Martine…

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Returning What was Stolen

Christine Sleeter explains her decision to give to the Ute Nation her inheritance that derived from the sale of her family’s homestead. “By starting our family story with white settlers, we usually do not ask whose land the U.S. government…

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