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My Student Asked Me If I Was Racist So I Told the Truth and Said Yes

Teacher Zachary Wright explains his answer to his student.  A lesson for everyone.  Read his article by clicking here.

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When White People Are Uncomfortable, Black People Are Silenced

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle gives numerous examples of silencing in American history, currently, and her own experience.  To read her article, click here. Other articles by Cargle are: How to talk about racism at the dinner table, When feminism is white…

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When a Lynching Memorial Becomes a Photo Opportunity

William C. Anderson’s essay is “A reflection on the commodification of Jim Crow’s violence through public memorials. It’s imperative for those paying respects to understand and interrogate civil rights museums, memorials, and any other commemorations of Black struggles against oppression…

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New Year’s Day Is Also Emancipation Day

Referencing an African American New Year’s Eve tradition of Watch Night, gathering in church to sing freedom songs, dating back to the eve of December 31, 1862 and the anticipation of the freedom declared in the Emancipation Proclamation, Jesse L….

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Say it with me: Racism

The Associated Press’ national writer on race and ethnicity, Errin Haines Whack, exhorts her colleagues to go beyond writing about race, “to not just report on racism, but to call it out. . . .Our avoidance of this issue —…

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