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Better Late than Never: Bayard Rustin Part I

THE PROOF THAT ONE TRULY BELIEVES IN IS ACTION Better Late than Never. On November 20, 2013, 101 years after his birth, 50 years after his organizing the March on Washington for Jobs and Justice and 26 years after his…

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Better Late Than Never: Bayard Rustin Part II

In celebration of Bayard Rustin’s having been awarded a posthumous Medal of Freedom, here is part of what Ann Yasuhara  wrote for his 100th birthday for the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Quakers) event. There were underlying dreams that lasted throughout BRs adult…

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Bayard Rustin Part III: Timeline

In celebration of Bayard Rustin’s having received the posthumous Mdal of Freedom on November 20, 2013, this is one of a series of posts compiled by Ann Yasuhara. Timeline for Bayard Rustin (1912-1987) 1912, March 17: Born in West Chester,…

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Vote in Poll: Support Tuition Equality

Make your voice heard here,  to vote for supporting tuition equality. This poll is a follow-up to the passage yesterday of the NJ Senate bill granting in state tuition (to state/county universities/colleges) to undocumented young people who have been in…

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Charles M. Blow: Not Obama’s Doing, Simple Result of His Being

Racism is a virus that is growing clever at avoiding detection. Race consciousness is real. Racial assumptions and prejudices are real. And racism is real. But these realities can operate without articulation and beneath awareness. For those reasons, some can…

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