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Evanston, Ill., Has A Reparations Plan

On NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, Evanston, Illinois Alderwoman Robin Rue Simmons describes the town’s plan to use a portion of the taxes collected on the sale of recreational marijuana to help African American residents who are being priced out of…

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The Clear Connection Between Slavery And American Capitalism by Dina Gerdeman

As seen by the number of posts today [more to come], last night’s Continuing Conversation about reparations was extremely engaging.  Caroline Clarke did a magnificent job educating the audience about conditions imposed on the African American community far beyond slavery….

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Coming to the Table’s Guide to Reparations

Coming to the Table (CTTT) was mentioned by an attendee at last night’s Continuing Conversation gathering as a possible resource for those interested in engaging on a personal level with the ideas and practice of reparations. The CTTT Reparations Working…

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Ta-Nehesi Coates addresses Congress on reparations

Here is a transcript of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ opening remarks at yesterday’s historic Congressional hearing on reparations: “Yesterday, when I asked about reparations, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell offered a familiar reply. America should not be held liable for something that…

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