Not In Our Town Princeton

Category: Stand Against Racism


Not in Our Town Princeton is supporting the YWCA’s Stand Against Racism campaign to end racial profiling, the New Jim Crow, and racism in general. It is imperative that we take a stance against ignorance, injustice, and hate. Not in…

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How to take a stand on racial bias: #TheTalk

This article on MTV honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by enumerating “9 Ways You Can Take a Stand on Racial Bias.”

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Targeting Your Demographic. How We Orphaned A New Annie.

I’m not sure how many of you got out to see the new Annie movie. My daughter and I were there on the opening day and we LOVED it! We loved the original movie and the story so we were…

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Parade and Rally: Justice for Mike Brown

The Princeton community will host a parade and rally to insist on Justice for Mike Brown and to share our common grief, dismay, anger, and our commitment to future change. All are invited in solidarity and determination to fight for…

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Debtors’ Prisons Here?

Debtors prisons in the U.S.? Surely not. Yet investigations by NPR say that courts nationwide are sending the indigent to prison because they can’t pay court fines. Click here for a story by NPR’s Joseph Shapiro. Surely not in Princeton….

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